Les Atchley was kind enough to lend me his copy of "Rotary Wisdom, Reflections on Service".

The book chronicles answers to the question "Why are you a Rotarian" from members around the world.  The answers provided are inspiring, thought-provoking, funny and, at times, challenging.  Over the next several months, some of the reflections from the book will be shared here and on the CDA Rotary Facebook site for the edification of our own membership and for the public to gain a greater understanding of the vision and mission of Rotarians. 


Why I am a Rotarian


To strengthen our belief that only with an open mind, an open heart, open eyes, and open hands we will reach the highest quality of life, we need to be accompanied by like-minded friends in an atmosphere of good humor, serenity, and spontaneous, practical day-to-day humanity.


That's what I found in Rotary. That's why I am a Rotarian.


Robert Barth

Member of the Rotary Club of Aarau, Switzerland.

International President 1993-1994