Rotary Club of Coeur d’Alene
2020‐2021 Committees


Club Services

Sargent at Arms: To maintain order, create a jovial atmosphere, generate revenue through fines, and ensure needed logistics are available at Club meetings.

Chair: Jillian Caires
Armon, Mic, Cheeley, Chris, Coleman, Jim, Cronin, Tom, Faucher, Jim, Haagenson, D. Dean, Irgens, Eden, McHugh, Barry, Ouren, Ron, Reagan‐Larson, Kathy, Righello, Joe, Roberge, Steven, Valente, Faith, Whitney, Cora, Young, K. John

Membership: Recruit and retain members through education and engagement and mentor new members as they join Rotary.

Chair: Ann Thomas
Allen, Don, Amend, Harry, Anderson, Paul, Atchley, Janet, Azevedo, Jody, Barclay, Richard (Dick), Bean, Brian, Brennan, Claudia, Butler, Stewart, Cook, Linda, Coyle, Katherine, Crenshaw, Sue, Everson, Gary, Eyman, Rebecca, Gates, Charlie, Hagman, Anne, Hunt, Katie, James, Steve, Louw, Derek, MacLennan, Rick, Maier, Maren, May, Barbara Anne, McHugh, Barry, McMahon, Shawn, Moses, Emily, Quinn, Wanda, Reiswig, Jack, Riggs, Jack, Stanton, Alex, Tanneberger, Mike, Ulvan, Gary, Wallace, Marc, Watt, Bill, Whalen, Lora

Greeting Subcommittee: To create friendly atmosphere for Rotary members and guests recognizing a guest is a potential new member. Incorporate new members as greeting assistants for maximum exposure.

Chair: Kathy Larson
Ade, Lucinda, Alworth, Daniell, Baker, Mike, Bean, Brian, Caires, Jillian, Crenshaw, Sue, Connell, Jim, Coyle, Kate, English, Bruce, Eyman, Rebecca, Fortenberry, Jacob, Faucher, Jim, Gilliam, Gynivell, Godwin, Candace, Haagenson, D. Dean, Hagman, Anne, Hoeck, Dwight, Holt, Julie, Huffman, Frances, Lieske, Chauntelle, Martin, Adam, Miller, Kiki, Olson, Linda, Olson, Mark, Prussack, James, Roberge, Steven, Rogers, Heidi, Rolland, Steve, Rupiper, Doug, Stanton, Alex, Valente, Faith, Watt, Bill, Whitney, Cora, Young, K. John

Attendance Subcommittee: Acquaint the general membership of the attendance requirements, study the causes for poor attendance, and inform the board of corrective measures. Encourage the membership to attend district conferences, intercity, make-up, and international meetings. Conduct exit interviews whenever appropriate.

Chairs: Bill Drake, Dan Schreiber
Bean, Brian, Bookholtz, Brenda, Busch, George, Childers, Steve, Drake, Judy, English, Bruce, Ulvan, Gary, Whalen, Lora, Whitney, Cora, Wold, David

Marketing: To increase the public's awareness of Rotary, its purpose, and contributions to the community through social and traditional media and materials. 

Chairs: Candace Godwin, Ed Bejarana,
Addis, Jim, Alworth, Daniell, Atchley, Janet, Azevedo, Jody, Golub, Alan, MacLennan, Rick, Olson, Mark, Priest, Skip, Riggs, Jack, Schroeder, Clint, Skorupski, Joseph, Towery, Britt, Watt, Bill

Programs: To ensure that weekly programs are interesting, educational, timely, and worthy.

Chairs: Wanda Quinn, Jim Faucher, Barbara Ann May
Allen, Don, Boutz, Naomi, Cheeley, Chris, Coleman, Jim, Cook, Linda, Helbling, Gregory, Lyman, Matt, Maier, Maren, Olson, Linda, Riggs, Peter, Rogers, Heidi, Rolland, Steve

Fellowship/Sunshine: To provide connection and support for our members, especially during times of loss, and provides encouragement in times of celebration.

Chair: Tom Cronin
Atchley, Janet, Baldwin, Brad, Blettner, Kerry, Bookholtz, Brenda, Connell, Jim, Edmundson, Kim, Farr, Teri, Hunt, Katie, Irgens, Eden, Johnston, Caryl, McHugh, Barry, Mitchell, Ronda, Nelson, Kay, Rumpler, Laura, Thilo, Thomas

Invocation: To ensure that each meeting is started with meaningful introductory invocation.

Chair: Ann Johnson
Botterbusch, Mark, Cheeley, Chris, Connell, Jim, Cook, Linda, Dirks, Michele, Gilliam, Gynivell, Helbling, Gregory, Huffman, Frances, Hunter, Sam, Maksimowicz, Michael, Nelson, Kay, Olson, Mark, Priest, Skip, Rumpler, Laura, Sharbono, Kip, Shea, Patty, Smalley, Barbara, Thilo, Sue, Valente, Faith, Wilson, Mark

Social: To plan and organize events to bring our club together in social setting and coordinate our club’s involvement in 5th Friday when all local Rotary Clubs come together in social setting.

Chairs: Miranda Hamilton, Heidi Rogers
Addis, Jim, Azevedo, Jody, Baker, Mike, Baldwin, Brad, Beutler, John, Blettner, Kerry, Brant, KJ, Goucher, Ninette, Kiesbuy, Todd, Lyman, Matt, MacLennan, Rick, May, Barbara Anne, Miller, Kiki, Moses, Emily, Riggs, Jack, Riggs, Peter, Riley, Jim, Sanderson, Mary

Set Up: To ensure that the facility is prepared in advance for each weekly meeting.

Chair Ray Jensen
Burton, Bob, English, Bruce, Gilliam, Gynivell, Ouren, Ron, Pierce, Jim, Skorupski, Joseph, Thilo, Thomas, Whitney, Cora

Rose Sale: To plan and facilitate the annual rose sale fundraiser.

Chairs: Lucinda Ade, Doug Rupiper
Alworth, Daniell, Bean, Brian, Bejarana, Ed, Botterbusch, mark, Childers, Steve, Connell, Jim, Coyle, Katherine, Fortenberry, Jacob, Gates Travis, Kimber, Moses, Emily, Nelson, Kay, Stanton, Alex, Tanneberger, Mike, Whitney, Cora, Wilson, Mark, Young, John

Coeur d’Irish: To plan and facilitate the annual Rotary Coeur d’Irish fundraiser.

Chairs: Naomi Boutz, Jillian Caires, Miranda Hamilton
Addis, Jim, Azevedo, Jody, Beutler, John, Connell, Jim, Dirks, Michele, Goucher, Ninette, Prussack, James, Riggs, Peter, Rupiper, Doug, Sanderson, Mary, Schroeder, Clint, Tanneberger, Aimee, Tanneberger, Mike, Wilson, Mark

Community Service

Local Community Service: Provides Rotarians with volunteer opportunities in concert with other organizations during the year, including highway clean- up and civic improvement. Also responsible for reading local community grant applications and recommending how they are appropriated.

Chairs: Ninette Goucher, Emily Moses
Addis, Jim, Anderson, Paul, Armon, Mic, Berns, Tony, Busch, George, Butler, Stewart, Carlson, Scott, Childers, Steve, Crawford, Dan, Drager, Connie, Gorringe, Kristin, Goucher, Ninette, Gregory, Curtis, Haagenson, Dean, Hagman, Ann, Hippler, Jon, Kiesby, Todd, Maksimowicz, Michael, McFarland, Robert, Morris, Joe, Moses, Emily, Murray, Rick, Nail, Michael, Pierce, Jim, Priest, Skip, Reagan‐Larson, Kathy, Reiswig, Jack, Richesin, Patricia, Righello, Joe, Sanderson,
Mary, Skorupski, Joe, Tanneberger, Aimee, Woodall, Parker

Vocational Service

Scholarship Committee: To award annual scholarships at North Idaho College, U of I, LCSC, Lake City High School and Coeur d’Alene High School.

Chair: Brenda Bookholtz
Amador, Julie, Botterbusch, Mark, Burton, Bob, Carlson, Scott, Cresswell, Douglas, Cronin, Tom, Drager, Connie, Drake, Bill, Everson, Gary, Gates, Charlie, Gorringe, Kristin, Hippler, Jon, Huffman, Frances, James, Steve, Johnston, Caryl, Louw, Derek, Martin, Adam, Mayfield, Lori, McCrea, Steve, McFarland, Robert, Meyer, Stephen, Mitchell, Ronda, Murray, Rick, Nail,
Michael, Quade, Danielle, Reiswig, Jack, Richesin, Patricia, Riggs, Jack, Ryan, Linda, Smalley, Barbara, Sorensson, Charles, Thomas, Ann, Vaughan, Tracey

International Service

International Service: To explore and support through grants international service projects promoting Rotary’s values and mission across the globe.

Chair: Steve James
Armon, Mic, Baldwin, Brad, Barclay, Richard (Dick), Brant, KJ, Coleman, Jim, Crawford, Dan, Dirks, Michele, Lingle, Beverly, Maksimowicz, Michael, Mayfield, Lori, McFarland, Robert, McMahon, Shawn, Meyer, Stephen, Morris, Joe, O'Day, Valleta, Patano, Sandy, Sanderson, Mary, Schroeder, Clint, Shea, Patty, Sorensson, Charles, Stanton, Alex, Thilo, Thomas, Wold, David

RI International Foundation: To provide education to club members on the services, goals, and accomplishment of the Rotary International Foundation and encourage club members to become Paul Harris Fellows through contributions to the Foundation.

Chairs: Hank Martin, Doug Rall
Allen, Don, Berns, Tony, Brant, KJ, Coleman, Jim, Farr, Terri, Gates Travis, Kimber, Golub, Alan, Lingle, Beverly, McMahon, Shawn, Morris, Joe, O'Day, Valleta, Patano, Sandy, Schroeder, Clint, Shea, Patty, Smalley, Barbara

Youth Exchange: Identify and encourage potential local candidates to become outgoing international Rotary exchange students and coordinate logistics for incoming students.

Chairs: Claudia Brennan, Bob Burton
Amend, Harry, Brennan, Claudia, Golub, Alan, Holt, Julie

New Generations Service

Youth Guest Awards: To introduce Rotary members to students from Coeur d’Alene Public Schools and North Idaho College which have achieved academic achievement, overcome life obstacles, and to enhance mutual understanding of youth/adult contributions to our community.

Chairs: Britt Towery, Julie Amador
Cresswell, Douglas, Golub, Alan, Huffman, Frances, Hunt, Katie, Hunter, Sam, Maier, Maren, Miller, Kiki, Scott, Kristi, Sharbono, Kip, Sorensson, Charles, Whalen, Lora

Youth Grants: To explore and support through grants youth projects which will enhance our community.

Chair: Sam Hunter
Amador, Julie, Anderson, Paul, Bejarana, Ed, Berns, Tony, Butler, Stewart, Childers, Steve, Cresswell, Doug, Drake, Bill, Drake, Judy, Everson, Gary, Farr, Terri, Gates, Charlie, Godwin, Candace, Gorringe, Kristin, Gregory, Curtis, Hoeck, Dwight, Johnston, Caryl, Lieske, Chauntelle, Louw, Derek, Maher, John, McCrea, Steve, Nail, Michael, Pierce, Jim, Prussack, Jim, Quade,
Danielle, Reagan‐Larson, Kathy, Ryan, Linda, Scott, Kristi, Sharbono, Kip, Skorupski, Joe, Thilo, Sue, Vaughan, Tracey, Woodall, Parker

Interact: To sponsor, support and provide guidance to our local Interact Club of young people ages 12-18.

Chair: Katie Hunt
Baker, Mike, Edmondson, Kim, Gates Travis, Kimber, Goucher, Ninette, Hoeck, Dwight, , Holt, Julie, Tanneberger, Aimee