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Coeur d'Alene Rotary Club building camp Neewahlu, May 1955 Front Row L to R: Art Crawford, H.V. "Mickey" McDonald, Justin Broderick, Paul Schroeder, Don Davis, Harold Evans, Jack Adams, A.C. Hansen, J. Henry Bell, Capt. Brennan, Ramsey Walker, Dr. E. R. W. Fox, L. R. Wood, Walter J. Burns Middle row zig-zag: Elmer Jordan, Carter Crimp, Lyman Winkle, E.R. Elliott, L. Larson, Gail Chamberlain, Henry Glindaman, Dr. Wm T. Wood, B. Freeland, Judge W. F. McNaughton, Harry Treckel, J. Whitley, Unident., Dick Armstrong, Herb Sanderson, Chet Nissen, Ralph Nelson, Don English, Dale Don, O.W. "Foxey" Edmonds, G. Stalts, Capt. John Finney Back row: Sid Woodcock, Duane Hagadone, T. Hedley Dingle, C. O. Graue, Sidney Smith, B. Freeland, Burl Hagadone, Ronald McDonald, Gilbert Burns
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